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Centrifuge Machine For Acceleration

Tarang's Centrifuge Machine for Acceleration is used to analyze the mechanical behavior of parts and assemblies subjected to linear acceleration.

The centrifuge machine for acceleration has a robust structure that consists of an outer enclosure for safety point of view to withstand centrifugal force acting on the test object. It consists of a rotating platform with two mounting plates which can accommodate a wide variety of payloads, in various sizes and load at a required radial distance from centre to achieve the desired acceleration. The machine is driven by permanent magnet brushless servo motor. The speed of machine is varied by the PWM amplifier with instrumentation system having built-in digital closed loop control.

Capable to perform tests in accordance with various standards eg. IS MIL, DIN, ISO, EN, IEC, DEF, JSS-55555 & ASTM etc.

Tarang Linear Acceleration Machines are available from 1mG to 1OOOOG / 1 g-kg to 50000 g-kg of very high precision. Facility of visual monitoring of Unit under Test mounted on platform is through CCTV Electrical, electronic, Data transfer, RF, Pneumatic, Hydraulic connections are available for actual working conditions testenvironment.
Centrifuge Machine For Acceleration
Linear Acceleration Machine 100g acceleration and 100Kg Payload capacity

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Linear Acceleration Machine standard models

Model TCAM - 250 TCAM - 500 TCAM - 1000 TCAM - 2500
Acceleration Range 1-50 ‘g’ 1-100 ‘g’ 1-100 ‘g’ 1-200 ‘g’
Nominal Radius 300 m m 700 m m 750 m m 1250 m m
Platform Radius range 250-350 mm 500-900 mm 550-950 mm 750-1750 mm
Payload size 100 mm cube 400 mm cube 400 mm cube 1000 mm cube
Payload Capacity 50 Kg 50 Kg 100 Kg 250 Kg
No of Test Proiles 1-100 1-100 1-100 1-100
Max speed 550 rpm 350 rpm 350 rpm 400 rpm
Speed resolution .01rpm .01rpm .01rpm .01rpm
Dimensions Dia – 800mm
Height – 800mm
Dia – 2000mm
Height – 2000mm
Dia – 2000mm
Height – 2000mm
Dia – 3600mm
Height – 2000mm
Mass 1500 Kg 2500 Kg 3000 Kg 5000 Kg
Online Testing Connections (Slip Ring) Electrical, electronic, Data transfer, RF, Pneumatic, Hydraulic connections (Multiple connection configuration is available)
Utilities Required 6-8 bar compressed air; 410V, 3-phase 50 Hz: earthing
Safety Interlocks Mains Input Over & Under Voltage, Phase drop, Door Lock, Imbalance Vibration

Note : Customized solutions are available
Specifications are subject to change without notice. It is the responsibility of the product user to determine the suitability of this product for a specific application.

PC Based Instrumentation System

Tarang Centrifuge Machine for Acceleration is supported by PC Based instrumentation system to control & monitor the test par amet er s. To make the system more versatile a suitably designed LABVIEW based GUI programme to control, monitor various parameters with data logging and data analysis features for setting rotation speed, acceleration "g", radius, test time cycle, unit mass etc as per the test application r equir ement s. All safety interlocks e. g. Imbalance, door open etc are controlled & monitored via external PC with software. The software supports upto 100 programmable test profiles in a single test.
Centrifuge Machine for acceleration control and monitoring system
Screen shot of Centrifuge Machine for acceleration control and monitoring system

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