Tarang Kinetics – Vibration & Shock Test Machines - Vision & Mission

Vibration, Bump & Shock Test Machines

Vision & Mission

Vision :

TKPL aims to be most competitive and leading solution provider in all the fields of our activities by providing our customers with the best in class solutions.

Mission :

To be among the top companies in our set of products, services and solutions that delivers the highest value to our customers, partners and employees. We strive to develop long-lasting relationship with our clients based on mutual trust and respect.

Our Core Values :


Tarang Kinetics provides creative solutions to suit the exact application needs of our customers with reliable performance and operation of our products. Our continuous R & D effort leads our way to creating better solutions.


We take pride being involved in "making INDIA stronger" We have indigenously developed these machines and have optimized our solutions understanding the requirement of the Indian market.

Integrating Standard and Custom products

The optimal solution is often not clear-cut. Being an OEM, our expertise in this field allows us to modify standard products or develop totally custom solutions across our whole product portfolio, so that we can cater to the exact requirement of our customers. Capable to perform tests in accordance with various standards eg. IS, MIL, DIN, ISO, EN, IEC, DEF, JSS 55555 & ASTM etc.