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Company Profile - Tarang Kinetics Tarang kinetics is a leading destination for environmental testing solutions since 1995. With a glorious history of nearly 3 decades of excellence in the manufacturing of testing solutions such as Electrodynamic Vibration Shaker System , Bump Test Machine , Shock Test Machine, Linear Acceleration Machines etc. We customize testing solutions as per customer’s stringent application requirement to test every/any end product under a simulated environment in the laboratory. Using our testing solutions at the design and production phase provides the confidence that our customers need to develop highly reliable products. Tarang has progressed to become a pioneer in delivering comprehensive testing capabilities with accuracy and reliability. Tarang has always been acknowledged for its excellence.

We have been indigenously manufacturing this system and making INDIA stronger.


We are empowered with a competent production team, whose extensive experience and technical expertise makes us the top choice of leading industries. Tarang follows a strong customer – focused approach by delivering tailored solutions to suit the exact application needs of our clients. Providing exceptional customers service that meets and exceeds their expectations remains at the core of our business. Our R & D Facility is in constant efforts of expanding our product line to meet the over increasing application demands of our customers.

Because testing matters, it’s our focus. Testing can distinctly differentiate a machine and deliver a market place advantage by improving its performance. This translates to overall increased reliability and efficiency of your products. Testing also represents endless possibilities for innovation. We have always understood this potential, and thus, have kept testing at our core, relentlessly developing testing solutions that offers precise simulation of the test environment.

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