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Environmental Chamber

Tarang environmental chambers are used to simulate the desired environment such as Cold, Heat, humidity, altitude, thermal shock, solar radiation, salt spr ay, rain spray, dust & sandetc. As per the customer’s requirement. These chambers are available in different ranges of parameters and capacities as per specific testing requirements of the customer. These chambers can be integrated with Vibration shaker systems as well to perform combined environment vibration tests. A walk-in variant is also available for products that require very large capacity & size such as complete automobile, bikes, missiles etc.

The Chambers feature various safety interlocks that are necessary to provide a safe environment of operation. We are incorporating the best engineering practices to develop a Chamber that is capable of performing all types of versatile testing as per international standards for a long life of reliable performance. The design is very good and simple from maintenance point of view.

The Chamber Controller is very user friendly and as per the requirement of the customer it can be upgraded to a latest touch screen panel type as well. The controller is capable of remote operation and monitoring as well. It can easily be integrated with any computer to download / upload test profile or data using high speed communication RS 232/485, Ethernet and USB ports. The features of data recording, monitoring and report generation are also available.

Capable to perform tests in accordance with various standards eg. IS, MIL, DIN, ISO, EN, IEC, DEF, JSS-55555 & ASTM etc.

Advantages for you Key features
Customizable Reliable Solutions
Efficient performance
User Friendly

Environmental Chamber configurable parameters

Test Environment Simulation As per customer's requirement (Cold, Heat, humidity, altitude, thermal shock)
Test space As per customer's requirement
Temperature Range -80° C to +200° C
Ramp Rate Upto 10° C per min
Temperature Uniformity +1° C (average)
Relative Humidity 10% to 98% Rh (20° C to 80 ° C)
Humidity Uniformity + 3%
Construction Interior & Exterior constructed with stainless steel / CRC powder coated
Window Size as per customer's requirement with wiper, illumination, six panes of toughened glass
Refrigeration System Air / Water cooled
Refrigerant Used Non CFC
Insulation 100-125 mm thick Rockwool / PUF
Controller Micro-controller based
Port Holes As per customer's requirement
Power Requirement Three Phase supply with Neutral

Note : Customized solutions are available
Specifications are subject to change without notice. It is the responsibility of the product user to determine the suitability of this product for a specific application.

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