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Refurbished Products

Refurbishment of Shock Test Machines

Tarang Kinetics refurbishes all MRAD / VST / AVEX / AVCO models of Pneumatic Shock Test Machines.


  • Upgradation of Windows 11 based Data Acquisition & Control System
  • Replacement of micro-switch controls with PC based controls
  • Complete overhaul of the machine
  • Upgradation of the braking system
  • Upgradation of the Pneumatic Control Panel
  • Refurbished machine comes with 1 year warranty
Pneumatic Panel for Shock Testing Machine
Pneumatic Panel for Shock Testing Machine

Armature Rewinding & Replacement Power Amplifier

  • Tarang Kinetics rewinds Armature Coils of all make Vibration Shakers including that of LOS / UD / IMV etc.
  • We provide new replacement Power Amplifiers for all old Vibration Shakers.
  • We repair/ supply new Slip Tables for old systems of all makes.

Rewound Armature
Rewound Armature

Replacement Power Amplifier
Replacement Power Amplifier