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Vibration Test Systems

Electro-Dynamic Shaker

Our system consists of Drive Coil (Armature) positioned in direct current magnetic field excited by alternating current signal generated by Digital Power Amplifier. This generates a force making the drive coil to move as per the magnitude and frequency of the signal. This vibratory force is applied on the objects/specimens mounted on Shaker platform. The armature assembly utilize modern armature suspension systems which is Rolling strut type featuring low transverse motion.

Capable to perform tests in accordance with various standards eg. IS, MIL, DIN, ISO, EN, IEC, DEF, JSS 55555 & ASTM etc.

Power Amplifier

The Digital Power Amplifier is a MOSFET/IGBT based Modular Type Class-D Switching interlocked with the shaker. Digital Amplifier Controller is a microcontroller, colour touch screen based userfriendly interface equipped with self-diagnostic, calibration and protection features which gets the input signal from vibration controller and controls the alternating current amplitude and frequency accordingly.

The remote operation module can be optionally used to remotely operate the complete Vibration Test System.
Vibration Test Force Calculations

Vibration Test Force Calculations


Vibration Controller

The Digital Vibration controller is used to simulate actual field vibration conditions at test laboratory in a controlled manner so as to reproduce the same vibration atmosphere.

The controller is capable of full control and analysis applications for sine, resonance & dwell, random, classical shock, random-on-random, sine-on-random, shock SRS, vibro-shock and field data replication.

Head Expander and Slip Tables

Our range of wide variety of head expanders and slip tables provides various possibilities to increase the effective mounting surface and orientation of the direction of test.

Mg Alloy is used for the construction of head expander s and slip tables to ensure minimal weight thereby being more suitable to the existing force of the system.

Advantages for you Key features
Customizable Reliable Solutions
  • Long stroke with displacement up to 76 mm
  • High Velocity with velocity up to 2. 4 m/s
  • Low mass, Magnesium Alloy Armature Structure
  • Various safety interlocks for safe Operation
  • Capable to perform tests in accordance with Various standards eg. IS, MIL, DIN, ISO, EN, IEC, Def , JSS 55555 & ASTM etc.
Efficient performance
  • PC based Remote Operation of Power Amplifier
  • Auto-Resume from power failure
  • Robust rolling struct suspension
  • Efficiency is greater than 920/o
  • High Signal to noise ratio
  • Auto Centring of Armature
  • Self-Lubricating Armature Guidance Bearing
User Friendly
  • Touch Screen based Digital Amplifier Controller
  • Trunion mounted shaker for easy integration with slip Table for X-Y Axis Testing
  • Modular in design for easy and quick operation
  • Body Isolation using Air Bellows for Vibrations from Shaker
Universal Compatibility
  • Compatible with all worldwide controllers
  • Integration with Environmental Chamber

Digital Amplifier Controller

We have incorporated an ARM9 microcontroller, colour touch screen based Digital amplifier Controller to control the Power Amplifier of the Vibration Test System.

This makes the operation of the system very user friendly and at the same time enhances the control and operational safety parameters of the system. It incorporates a calibration menu for quick and easy calibration of the system.
Digital Amplifier Controller

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